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FormEL is the Data Management tool integrated to Microsoft Excel

The English version of FormEL is still under translation development, however you can access a free trial version in French at www.adscience.fr.

With FormEL you can :

  • create your own forms to fill safely data base with formatted fields,
  • modify structure of your data base (add, insert or delete fields) even if it is already filled,
  • compare content of 2 data base that are supposed to contain the same records, plus ability to correct differences and statistics on errors,
  • carry on statistical analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency table, cross tabulation, means comparisons...),
  • check content of other data base on Excel spreadsheet,
  • prepare emailing if your data base contain email addresses,
  • keep informations about every changes on your data base, as well as the name of the operator,
  • have file of your data base history (log file)
  • restore a damaged data base thanks to these log files.