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A trial version of StatEL can be downloaded from the Contact Us Form

If you would like to download a trial version of the StatEL statistical software, you must first fill out the Contact Us Form. You will get obtain a link to download the software.

The trial version is available in both English and French. Windows users are required to have Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven 32 or 64-bits with Microsoft Excel installed.

Macintosh users are required to have Max OS X Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) on PowerPC or Intel processor. Must have Microsoft Excel version 10 (Excel X) or version 11 (Excel 2004). StatEL does not yet work with Excel 2008.

The trial version allows unlimited use, but will only allow only up to 10 data points for tests on quantitative data and unlimited tests for qualitative data.

statel excel logistic regression

Content of Version 2.5, November 2010 update:

  • Statistical plot on Excel :
    • boxplot centered around mean or median
    • real histogram
    • cumulated distribution
    • ternary plot
    • 3D scatterplot




statel excel logistic regression

Content of Version 2.4, November 2009 update:

  • Bland & Altman test :
    • single or duplicate data
    • calculation of bias
    • limits of agreement
    • confidence intervals
  • Posthoc tests :
    • LSD test with correction of Bonferroni or Sidak
    • Tuckey's HSD test
    • SNK (Student, Newman & Keuls) test
    • Ryan test
    • Dunnett test




statel excel logistic regression

Content of Version 2.3, May 2009 update:

  • Logistic regression analysis :
    • quantitative and qualitative covariates
    • automatic construction of design variables
    • gestion of ordinal variables through method of nested design variables
    • selection of variables through Stepwise method
    • analysis of model's coefficients through test of Wald
    • calculation of odds ratio and their confidence intervals (95%)
    • log-likelihood and test of maximum likelihood
    • test of Pearson's Khi², Deviance, Hosmer & Lemeshow
    • diagnostic of the calculated model
    • pedagogical comments spread all over the results spreadsheet to help you in interpretation of logistic regression
    • ...




StatEL 3D plot excel

Content of Version 2.2, October 2008 update:

  • Ability to display a data set on a 3D plot on Excel with following functionalities :
    • rotation on the 3 axes
    • projection of points on the 3 planes
    • labels of points
    • zoom on the plot
    • ...



Content of Version 2.1, June 2008 update :statel excel statistic

  • Serial tests on many data set (without repeating data selection), available for :
    • descriptive statistics
    • normality analysis
    • outliers
    • comparison to a theoretical mean
    • Student t-test for independent groups
    • Student t-test t for dependent groups
    • Anova for independent groups
    • Anova for dependent groups
    • simple linear regression / Pearson's Correlation
    • test of Mann & Whitney
    • test of Wilcoxon
    • test of Kruskal & Wallis
    • test of Friedman
    • Spearman's Correlation